What Roles Do Diets Play In Your Social Life?

As the saying goes, “No man is an Island.” The interdependence of human beings is the major reason human interactions are important and cannot be overlooked.

People interact with other people in different ways, but one unifying factor in all human interactions is the need to feel a sense of belonging. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory, The need for love and belonging comes after the fulfillment of safety needs. Once a person feels safe, they begin to seek love and find a community to belong to.

A person’s social life is affected by many factors, and these factors go on to determine how the person navigates human relationships. On Collected.Reviews, users describe how some factors, like diet, have influenced their social life.

Also, people on the internet have a lot of opinions on diet regimes and the effects of these diet regimes on their lives, especially their social lives.

You might be wondering how your diet is shaping your life, below are some of the roles diets play in your social life.

Social Isolation

Interactions with other people socially have effects on our overall health, and many of these interactions are centered on food. Considering that diets are sometimes essential to keep us healthy and fit, finding the right balance in your diets can help you avoid the negative effects of dieting in your social life. This is because diets call for less food intake and more intentionality about the kinds of food you eat. When you are out with friends or family, enjoying food with them is important, and being on a diet can make you withdraw from such gatherings, as they tend to make you eat more than your diet permits.

Fewer Friends

When you start dieting, the people who will support you might be few, and this number might grow thinner with every hangout you miss, just because you are worried you will consume excess calories when you go out. Only your friends who might be on the diet journey with you might understand why you have to miss a social gathering. This reduction in your number of friends can be bad for your social life, because the fewer friends you have, the less your reason for going out at all.

Increased Anxiety

Diets can make you anxious about seeing and hanging out with people. For example, if you are on a diet and you do not think it is working, it will make you worry about what people would say when they see you. This plays a huge role in your social life because it makes you start avoiding your friends or members of your family.


It can be difficult to be on a diet and still maintain a healthy social life. But it is not impossible to find a balance that lets you have both. Knowing why you are going on a diet, and informing your friends, and family can help them to know how best to support you.