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Registrants may be required to provide accreditation or equivalent proof of press membership after registration. NO visa support letterswill be issued until payment of the registration fee is confirmed. The mass of an electron can just be stated as ‘negligible’ or ‘very small’ in an exam.

As further changes in our events are possible due to COVID-19, you should book flights, trains and hotels with flexible options and favourable cancellation conditions. The term nucleon number is an alternative to mass number and means the same thing. A nucleon is a collective name for protons and neutrons. In most materials the do not move in a random way.

The wave is characterised by its wavelength and the energy required to create it. At CERN they crash lots of very tiny particles together very very fast at extremely high energies. However they also make anti-matter in some of the collisions. Anti-matter is the exact opposite of regular matter, and when they come together they destroy each other. If you can make enough bits of anti-matter then the simplest anti-matter atom you could make would be anti-hydrogen.

During the event we provide conference shuttle busses to and from EMBL. In addition, there is the public bus 39A that serves the EMBL campus and taxis can be easily booked at any time. Information on the conference shuttle busses can be found on the individual event website and more detailed information on travelling to EMBL can be found on ourTravel Informationpage.

Please be respectful of other participants using the room. During the conference an EMBL Photographer may be taking photographs. If you would not like to appear in these, please inform the photographer or a member of the Course and Conference Office. There are lockers available on-site to store your luggage, which require a 2 EURO coin to operate.