Types of Sounds Based on Frequency

Types of Sounds Based on Frequency

Types of Sounds Based on Frequency

Sounds that something that is familiar with human life. We can hear the cat meowing, the sound of music, and our own voices.

Do you know? There are many sounds that humans can’t hear, you know. Like the singing of whales and dolphins.

It turns out that sound can be heard because it propagates through various mediums so that it reaches the ear. To know about Business you can visit this site sfcarinsurance

Sound is the energy of longitudinal waves produced by the vibration of an object. Then, Sound waves or often called sound that propagates through a medium with a limited speed.

The speed of sound in a dense medium is faster than the speed of sound in a gaseous medium.

Based on the frequency, the classification of sound consists of 3 kinds, including:


Infrasound is a type of sound that has a frequency below 20 Hz. This type of sound is below the human frequency hearing range.

Infrasonic sound from volcanic activity is used to determine when a volcano erupts by using a seismograph.

Examples of infrasound sounds are the sound of active volcanoes, tornadoes, landslides, earthquakes, and meteors.


Audiosonic is a sound wave with a vibration frequency between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

In contrast to infrasound, audio sonic waves can be heard by the human ear. So, These waves can be generated from musical instruments, human conversation, collisions between objects and all vibrating objects that can be heard by the human ear.


The third type of sound wave is an ultrasonic wave with a high frequency, which is above 20,000 Hz.

Waves can penetrate into most materials. So, These waves cannot be heard by humans and only a few types of animals are able to use these types of waves in their lives.

Examples are dolphins and bats. Dolphins navigate and find their food in the darkness of the sea with the help of ultrasound alone.