Vertebrate Zoology


Early bony fish evolved into trendy ray-finned and lobe-finned fish, which then advanced into species that might transfer out of the water. The sense organs of snakes are uniquely different than those of mammals and different animals. Unlike mammals, which primarily rely on their sight and listening to, snakes rely primarily on their senses of scent and touch. They don’t have moveable eyelids, however transparent caps called “brille” as protecting eye coverings.

Legend has it that St. Patrick exterminated Ireland’s snakes by driving them into the sea. The fossil document reveals that Ireland by no means had a local snake population to start with. Some individuals might prefer not to see these scaled critters slithering round their yards and neighbourhood parks, but contrary to in style perception, native snakes in the Credit River Watershed are innocent to people. In fact there aren’t any native venomous snakes in the watershed. The … Read More

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