What Are Viruses?


The body (somatic) cells of most multicellular organisms divide by mitosis (see Figure 1-10), whereas the germ cells that give rise to gametes endure meiosis. Like physique cells, premeiotic germ cells are diploid, containing two of every morphologic sort ofchromosome.

A DNA Helicase, MutU unwinds the DNA strand within the course of the mismatch and an exonuclease degrades the strand. DNA polymerase then fills in the hole and ligase seals the nick. Defects within the mismatch repair genes found in humans appear to be related to the development of hereditary colorectal cancer. Sometimes DNA polymerase incorporates an incorrect nucleotide throughout strand synthesis and the 3′ to five’ modifying system, exonuclease, fails to appropriate it.

Another protein, MutL then binds to MutS and the partially methylated GATC sequence is recognized and bound by the endonuclease, MutH. The MutL/MutS complex then hyperlinks with MutH which cuts the unmethylated DNA strand on the … Read More

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