Greenhead™ Anode For Heater Treaters


This anode rod works in water tank sizes ranging from 30 to eighty gallons. It can support a wide range of at present’s fashionable water heater sizes and designs, together with 10-30, gallons, gallons.

Figure 3A reveals a prime view of the Li movie that’s electrodeposited on the [email protected] with a plating capacity of 0.5 mAh cm−2 on the current density of 0.5 mA cm−2. Compared with uncontrolled development of Li dendrites on the b-Cu (fig. S1), Li metal is uniformly plated on the [email protected] (inset of Fig. 3A), notably around the [email protected] cubes (fig. S2). In addition, the related cross-sectional FESEM image (Fig. 3B) also reveals the tight contact between the plated Li steel and [email protected] cubes. In addition, the uniform deposition of Li may also be discovered on the NMMF-Cu substrate (fig. S3).

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