Common Insect And Other Invertebrate Groups

That author called for more focused research on the methodologies of science communication and the effectiveness of their outcome. Several respondents recounted frustrating interactions with journalists, such as instances where they had been misquoted, or their research was poorly presented in news articles. Some of these respondents claimed that journalists tend to underestimate the capabilities of their readership, and over-simplify scientific content.

Therefore, how we approach science communication related to typically unappealing animals such as invertebrates is a critical point. As some authors have argued (e.g., Berentson-Shaw, 2018), science communication has long been based largely on untested processes and practices and assumptions of what the public wants. As such, more research and trials on methodology and effectiveness is needed. Ecotoxicological tests with soil invertebrates can be applicable to many classes of contaminants, may be performed in a short time , and may be a low-cost option. These tests allow … Read More

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