Stainless Steel As Electrodes


These observations imply that the NMMF should be the key to guide the dendrite-free Li deposition regardless of the carbon coating. The position of the carbon coating of the [email protected] was investigated by evaluating the morphological differences between the [email protected] and NMMF after soaking them within the electrolyte for a same period of 48 hours (figs. S4 and S6). It is clearly revealed that the dissolution price of NMMF within the electrolyte is considerably reduced with the safety of the carbon shell. This decreased dissolution can be proved by measuring the concentration of varied steel ions within the NMMF- and [email protected] electrolyte from the inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) experiments (fig. S7).

The detailed dissolution conduct of the [email protected] in this system was additional investigated (fig. S8 and table S1). The outcomes present that the mass loss of the [email protected] is nearly linear as a perform of time, with … Read More

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