Silent Sound


Some people who stay near man-made sources of infrasound, including older wind generators and industrial ventilation followers, have claimed to endure ongoing headaches, tachycardia, and unexplained fear and emotional misery. There is no physiological basis for this declare, or for Wind Turbine Syndrome. The researchers who made the studybelieved the birds could havedetected infrasound, a lowfrequency sound thathumans can’thear.

The waves additionally refract as they cross by way of the completely different layers of the Earth. This refraction affects the regions by which waves can be detected, yielding essential information about the nature and measurement of the Earth’s numerous layers. By rigorously timing the arrival of the waves at every point, the placement of the earthquake, along with its magnitude, may be pinpointed. These waves move through the Earth’s centre and can be detected at varied factors around the Earth using seismometers.

Infrasound Recorder

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