Ultrasound Services


The sound waves are reflected again to the transducer by boundaries between tissues in the path of the beam (e.g. the boundary between fluid and soft tissue or tissue and bone). When these echoes hit the transducer, they generate electrical signals which might be despatched to the ultrasound scanner. Using the pace of sound and the time of every echo’s return, the scanner calculates the gap from the transducer to the tissue boundary.

One or extra frames of the moving footage are usually captured as still photographs. This process is usually ache-free, though you might really feel the heat of the transducer. If the ultrasound is being carried out on a tender space of the body, you could feel some stress or discomfort. Your ultrasound will probably take approximately 30 minutes to finish, although vascular and stomach ultrasounds might take longer so as to obtain detailed photographs. Ultrasound technology makes … Read More

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