Ultrasound Quarterly


During an stomach biopsy, your doctor may use ultrasound to see the place to place the needle to remove a small pattern of tissue. A transducer, a small system similar to a microphone, is positioned over the area being examined. You will really feel delicate strain from the transducer and a few discomfort from a full bladder. Once within the examination room, the diagnostic medical sonographer will explain your procedure and reply any questions you may have.

A physician will suggest a transrectal ultrasound to examine issues with the prostate (the gland that makes semen) and the glands that secrete a few of a man’s semen (seminal vesicles). To determine the cause of infertility (or to guide your physician throughout a fertility treatment or process). A combined stomach and pelvic ultrasound is used to take a look at the organs in your stomach and pelvis.

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