Primary Science

Access a full lesson guide and activity sheets, available in the ‘Get ready for the Live Lesson’ section below. Add up how many of your pupils are tasters, non-tasters and supertasters, and email your results to – we will reveal as many as we can during the live programme. Help your pupils prepare for this Live Lesson by doing their own Terrific Scientific taste investigation. All the information you need to deliver this simple classroom activity can be found on the BBC Terrific Scientific website. As part of the new BBC science campaign Terrific Scientific, this Live Lesson will help your pupils to think and work like a scientist, with a focus on taste, nutrition, and the energy that food provides.

Opportunities for children to meet the full range of scientific investigative approaches entail pattern seeking, exploring, problem solving, fair testing, and analysing secondary sources. The on-demand lessons are one … Read More

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