Supermassive Black Hole At Center Of Milky Way Photographed For The First Time

Instead, Kepler ended up detecting the flares of what the scientists claim are a pair of merging black holes. Capturing images of such a faraway object required linking eight giant radio observatories across the planet to form a single ‘Earth-sized’ virtual telescope called the EHT. Although a bit of company might seem welcome, infalling particles spiral into the black hole in a turbulent flow, rubbing up against each other. As we’ve seen, the accretion disc formed emits radiation due to this friction and, because of the immensity of the gravitational pull, particles are accelerated up to significant fractions of the speed of light.

Dr Ziri Younsi from UCL helped run many black hole simulations over five years of rigorous image analysis. The soundwaves were discovered in data recorded by the Chandra X-ray observatory at NASA, who said they adapted the soundwaves into human hearing range by transposing them up 57 … Read More

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