Copernican Heliocentric System Of The Universe, 17th Century Posters & Prints By Johannes Hevelius

With modern techniques, the Sun, at the centre of our Solar System, can be observed by detecting emissions in various regions of the electromagnetic spectrum eg infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays and even gamma ray emissions. Ancient astronomers didn’t have telescopes to make accurate observations to test out any other model. Sunspots are areas of the Sun’s surface that appear darker because they are cooler. Some of Galileo’s contemporaries believed the sunspots could be small satellites between Mercury and the Sun but Galileo showed that the spots changed shape and size and sometimes disappeared, therefore couldn’t be satellites. Aristotle believed all of the heavenly bodies were perfect spheres, with perfectly smooth surfaces and without blemishes.

The word “world” comes from the energy vortex created by the electromagnetic battery of our Flat Earth connected through the North Pole and Antarctic Circles positive and negative charges. The salt in the ocean … Read More

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