Perspectives For Next Generation Lithium

Costs will be reduced by systematically reducing/ultimately eliminating cobalt-content. The consortium is also discovering new chemistries and developing protective coatings/additives to extend lifetimes and reduce costs. Diaphragm cells consume less energy per ton of product than do mercury cells, but the caustic soda produced from mercury cells is purer than that from diaphragm cells. The primary objectives in developing the membrane cell have been to produce caustic soda of a quality at least as good as that from the mercury cell with energy efficiency as good as, or better than that of the diaphragm cell. Among 3d transition metals, nickel ensures higher cell voltage and a continuous voltage profile, as well as a delocalized electron density i.e., good electronic conductivity.

The recently announced EU Battery Regulation proposes all new batteries sold in Europe from 2030 must meet the minimum threshold of 4% Nickel, 12% Cobalt & 4% Lithium, by … Read More

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