Sport And Exercise Science Academies

At the time, it was clear that a change of government was to be expected in Britain, Thornton said. It also looked as if the new government, following the financial crisis through which the country had just passed, would face one of the tightest national budgets in recent history. Indeed, the world of lobbying presents a challenge for academies, which are seldom attracted to the wheeling and dealing on which it operates. You could progress to an undergraduate degree, an alternative Level 3 qualification, an apprenticeship or employment within the sports industry.

He has previously worked as a science news editor at Nature, New Scientist, and SciDev.Net. In 2018, he completed the Knight Science Journalism Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, US, where he researched the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in science journalism. He is also immediate former chairman of the Association of British … Read More

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