Obstetric Ultrasound


If you could have any questions, or when you aren’t certain which sort of ultrasound you’re having, contact your healthcare provider. During your ultrasound, you’ll lie on a mattress or stretcher. Your ultrasound technologist will put a gel on the world of your physique that’s being looked at.

About 20 percent of sufferers have “low-lying placentas” at some point, Dr. Benacerraf said, but less than 1 % find yourself that way at the finish. Your supplier can to let you know the probable organic sex of the baby on the week ultrasound, if you wish to know. If you don’t want to know, tell the ultrasound technician or ob-gyn before the ultrasound. You’re usually told to drink water before a first trimester transabdominal ultrasound as a result of a full bladder makes it simpler to see structures beneath or behind the bladder. This just isn’t essential for a transvaginal ultrasound … Read More

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