Mystery Science

science lesson

After figuring out impartial, dependent, and controlled variables within the ruler drop experiment, students will develop a testable hypothesis and outline an experimental process to check. They will then critique one other group’s experimental design. For longer lessons, college students may perform the experiment in school. Students perform an experimental lab investigation of photosynthesis using the floating leaf disk process to indirectly measure oxygen production. Due to time constraints of the experiment, this module requires a 60-minute class (minimal).

This lesson offers an exploration in electrophoresis using moist and dry actions. The moist exercise is to run an agarose gel electrophoresis, which is typically accomplished to separate macromolecules (similar to DNA) in a laboratory setting.

In this activity college students in cooperative teams search, recommend, query, predict, and estimate the number of seeds in a set of pumpkins. They will mix mathematical procedures and scientific observation to be taught extra … Read More

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