Open Science Definition

Brace Yourself For the Comeback of Citizen ScientistsFrom water-testing polluted rivers to measuring radiation levels, ordinary people are taking environmental research into their own hands. Explore the issues around diversity and inclusion in STEM in Open Talk—a new series of online talks sharing the untold stories of science. Celebrate 100 years of the BBC in Manchester with a new display that showcases Manchester as a centre of innovation in broadcasting, from 1922 to the present, and looking to the future. The birds take to the skies en masse after calling out their ‘vote’, scientists have discovered. Our unique constellation of national facilities are part of a vibrant ecosystem where scientists take small steps and giant leaps forward every day.

The Journal presents the global research community with peer-reviewed papers relevant to the work of the SMG. A unique combination of world-leading research and technology facilities support teams and businesses to … Read More

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