Geocentric Light


The function of he epicycle was to account for retrograde movement, the place planets in the sky seem like slowing down, moving backwards, and then transferring ahead once more. His system was expanded by Eudoxus of Cnidus, a up to date of Plato’s who developed a much less mythical, extra mathematical clarification of the planets’ motion based mostly on the Platonic idea of uniform circular motion. Aristotle elaborated on Eudoxus’ system, placing a spherical Earth on the center and all other heavenly our bodies arranged in concentric crystalline (i.e. clear) spheres around it. “Ptolemaic Astronomy, Islamic Planetary Theory, and Copernicus’s Debt to the Maragha School”. In the United States between 1870 and 1920, for instance, varied members of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod printed articles disparaging Copernican astronomy and promoting geocentrism.

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