What Is Ultrasound Imaging?


Depending in your exam, your physician might ask you to avoid food or fluids earlier than the take a look at, or to drink lots of water so you could have a full bladder through the take a look at. The transducer delivers over 1,000 beams of sound waves to the thalamus. Individual beams cross via the cranium with none disruption. Where the beams cross, they create warmth (thermal ablation) that destroys mind tissue at the focal point. The MRI scanner produces high-resolution photographs of your mind, which helps us pinpoint the area responsible for the tremor, called the thalamus.

Your examine might be reviewed by a imaging physician and the outcomes despatched to your physician. Your doctor will discuss these outcomes with you and explain what they imply in relation to your health. Ultrasound, or sonography, is a method that makes use of sound waves to review and treat … Read More

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