Why Does Chocolate Make Us Happy?


While still prescribed today for the short-time period remedy of tension, it’s now largely used within the remedy of epilepsy and spastic disorders. Prozac, delivered to the US market in the late Eighties, is used to deal with major despair, obsessive compulsive disorder, bulimia, and anxiety disorders and at present is the third most prescribed antidepressant on the US market.

Cheap alcohol and crack cocaine or prescription tablets and powder cocaine, respectively, are the anxiolytic/antidepressants and the medication of selection for getting high of the poor and the affluent elements of society. It just isn’t information that alcohol, the qat plant, and opium have served both of those functions for hundreds of years. “Happy tablets” — particularly the anxiolytic medication Miltown and Valium and the antidepressant Prozac — have been spectacularly profitable “merchandise” over the past 5 many years, largely as a result of they’ve widespread off label use.

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