Focused Ultrasound Faqs


These photographs show how ultrasound can help guide a needle into a tumor (left), where material is injected (right) to destroy tumor cells. Most ultrasound examinations are carried out utilizing an ultrasound gadget outside your physique, although some involve putting a tool inside your physique. Occupational publicity to ultrasound in excess of one hundred twenty dB might result in listening to loss. Exposure in extra of a hundred and fifty five dB could produce heating effects which are dangerous to the human body, and it has been calculated that exposures above one hundred eighty dB could result in dying. The UK’s impartial Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR) produced a report in 2010, which was revealed by the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA).

The first technological utility of ultrasound was an attempt to detect submarines by Paul Langevin in 1917. The piezoelectric effect, discovered by Jacques and Pierre Curie in … Read More

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