Ultrasound & What To Expect


Ultrasound can produce photographs of your organs and delicate tissues with little or no discomfort to you. Because it uses sound waves as an alternative of radiation, ultrasound is the popular imaging technique for a pregnant mom and her unborn baby. In order to perform an ultrasound on the prostate gland, the transducer have to be inserted via the rectum in order that the sound waves can travel to the prostate. As with other inserted ultrasound procedures, the transducer is covered with a protecting cowl and lubrication earlier than insertion. The transducer will have to be moved round so as to get hold of photographs from completely different angles.

The sound waves are sent and bounce again after they reach the organs. A system called a transducer turns the sound waves into images. During an ultrasound exam, a transducer sends sound waves by way of the body. The sound waves … Read More

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