Ultrasound Exams


Ultrasound is not as useful for imaging air-filled lungs, but it may be used to detect fluid around or inside the lungs. Similarly, ultrasound cannot penetrate bone, however could also be used for imaging bone fractures or for an infection surrounding a bone. Sometimes a observe-up examination is finished as a result of a possible abnormality wants additional evaluation with further views or a particular imaging technique.

A follow-up exam may also be carried out to see if there was any change in an abnormality over time. Follow-up exams are generally the easiest way to see if remedy is working or if an abnormality is stable or has changed. A radiologist, a physician trained to oversee and interpret radiology exams, will analyze the pictures. The radiologist will send a signed report back to the physician who requested the examination. In some circumstances, the radiologist may talk about outcomes with you … Read More

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