Evolutionary Transition Between Invertebrates And Vertebrates Via Methylation Reprogramming In Embryogenesis


Two types of “cytotoxin II” (cardiotoxin) have been discovered within the venom of this species. The crude venom of this species produced the lowest identified deadly dose (LCLo) of zero.005 mg/kg, the lowest amongst all cobra species, derived from a person case of poisoning by intracerebroventricular injection. A 1992 in depth toxinology study gave a worth of zero.18 mg/kg (range of 0.1 mg/kg – zero.26 mg/kg) by subcutaneous injection. According to Brown , the subcutaneous LD50 worth is 0.four mg/kg, whereas Ernst and Zug et al. listing a value of 0.21 mg/kg SC and 0.037 mg/kg IV.

A study by Marsh and Whaler reported a most yield of 9.7 ml of moist venom, which translated to 2400 mg of dried venom. They attached “alligator” clip electrodes to the angle of the open jaw of anesthetized specimens (length 133–136 cm, girth 23–25 cm, weight 1.three–3.4 kg), yielding 1.3–7.6 ml (mean four.4 … Read More

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