Why You Shouldn’t Empty Your Bladder When Preparing For An Ultrasound


It will depend on what part of the body you are having scanned as as to if you must undress or not. They would possibly ask you to drink lots earlier than your scan so that you’ve got a comfortably full bladder. Let the scan staff know if this shall be an issue for any reason, for instance in case you are diabetic. Your specialist may ask you to have a CT scan to show the ovaries more clearly.

When the scan is done, the technician will clear the gel off your abdomen. The gel prevents air pockets from forming between the pores and skin and the ultrasound transducer, which appears like a microphone. In reality, when you’re a person between the ages of 65 and 75 and smoke or used to smoke, the Mayo Clinic, recommends you could have an abdominal ultrasound to examine for an stomach aortic aneurysm. … Read More

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