Ultrasound During Pregnancy


For instance, a transabdominal ultrasound to view your bladder requires a full bladder. Your physician will let you know to drink four to 6 glasses of water one hour before your take a look at. A full bladder moves your intestines aside to give the technician a greater view. If you are a woman, your solely preparation for a transvaginal ultrasound is to let your physician and technician know if you’re allergic to latex. Men also may have to take an enema one hour earlier than a transrectal ultrasound to empty their bowels or intestines.

Your physique just isn’t uncovered to radiation throughout a pelvic ultrasound. Depending upon the kind of pelvic ultrasound you’re having, making ready may be barely different.

Your doctor may ask for another follow-up scan or other tests and arrange an appointment to examine on any points that had been discovered. Unlike X-rays or CT scans, … Read More

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