Invertebrate Numbers Nearly Halve As Human Population Doubles

However, the high number of snails and slugs was surprising, given that these animals are not such a common and visible feature of most people’s environments. Furthermore, it should be acknowledged that, while the survey was conducted in public spaces, those are places that attracts a portion of the public that is already more inclined toward science, nature or cultural activities. As such, our sample might not be representative of a broader and less scientifically-interested or literate public, which can bias our result.

This was expected given the age demographics we targeted and the distribution of the respondents’ age groups (Q2.7; Supplementary Figure S8). However, our study group was heavily skewed toward older people, with over 40% of respondents being over 50 years old . This abnormality in the age distribution of respondents heavily affected and maybe dictated the overall patterns of the answers, so we also analyzed the answers … Read More

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