Animal Diversity


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The mouth may choose at algae or food deposits on surfaces. These organisms have been now not suspension feeding; they had been energetic feeding. Over 3.5 million specimens representing over 35,000 species are archived in our collections, ranging from tiny fish and lizards to ostriches, elephants, and even whales.

The protovertebrate, described above, paves the way for the variety seen in modern vertebrate species. The first vertebrates to evolve from this early predecessor are referred to as agnathans.

These fins underwent modification, turning into the limbs of amphibians and their evolutionary descendants corresponding to lizards, canaries, dinosaurs, and humans. Small, jawless, and finless ostracoderms were the earliest vertebrates. They had been filter feeders, however probably had been additionally in a position to transfer water by way of their gills by muscular action. Ostracoderms have been discovered as fossils from the … Read More

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