Eletrochem Definitions


Figure 6A reveals the discharge/charge voltage profiles of the NCM811/[email protected] full cell at totally different present densities. Compared with the complete cell utilizing a Cu-Li anode (fig. S27), the NCM811/[email protected] cell exhibits lower polarization potential in each the cost and discharge processes. In addition, the speed efficiency of NCM811/[email protected] is healthier than that of the NCM811/Cu-Li (Fig. 6B and fig. S28). The discharge specific capacities of NCM811/[email protected] are 224, 193, 178, 164, and 147 mAh g−1 comparable to the rising present density from 0.2 to 3 C (Fig. 6B).

As the present density will increase to 2 mA cm−2, the [email protected] anode achieves a excessive CE of ninety eight% for more than a thousand cycles, whereas the CE of NMMF-Cu and b-Cu drops beneath eighty five% after solely 450 and 70 cycles, respectively (Fig. 5A). Although the [email protected] anode reveals a larger cycle quantity at 2 mA cm−2 than at … Read More

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