Difference Between Chordates And Vertebrates


But they have not done so during hundreds of hundreds of thousands of years on Earth. It appears that the costs associated with large dimension affect arthropods more strongly than vertebrates.

Jaws enabled vertebrates to seize and consume larger prey than their jawless ancestors. Scientists believe that jaws arose through the modification of the first or second-gill arches. This adaptation is believed to have at first been a means of increasing gill ventilation. Later, as musculature developed and the gill arches bent forward, the structure functioned as jaws. Another notable character of vertebrates is their endoskeleton.

One necessary issue for large arthropods is the risk of harm. As the outermost a part of an arthropod´┐Żs body, it is the rigid skeleton that comes in contact with the setting. Without the cushioning effect of sentimental tissues, it is more susceptible to abrasion and impression damage than the interior skeleton of vertebrates. … Read More

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