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It has been estimated another million stay undescribed. They are ubiquitous in marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments, where they usually outnumber other animals in each individual and species counts. They are found in each a part of the earth’s lithosphere, from the top of mountains to the underside of oceanic trenches.

Moths, for example, repeatedly flutter round shiny lights, even at the risk of getting burned. Notable exceptions are octopuses and their shut relations, which are considered among the many most intelligent animals in the invertebrate world. To date, nearly 2 million species of invertebrates have been identified. On the opposite hand, vertebrates only form 2% of the animal species. They are some of the important links within the meals chain above the level of microfauna and beneath the extent of upper predators.

By rely they represent 90% of all animals on the ocean flooring. Different teams of marine worms … Read More

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