Biology Degree Hons

During Stage 3, you can study this optional module in biodiversity and biodiversity management. You’ll investigate aspects that are impacting the Earth; including climate change, tropical deforestation and invasive species. Our biology degree covers all the major biological concepts, including evolution and genetics. You’ll also gain valuable hands-on experience in laboratories and learn important field techniques. This module will introduce the students to the taxonomy and diversity of eukaryotic organisms in the various domains of the tree of life. Students will become familiarised with the various theories on the evolution and adaptations of both unicellular and multicellular eukaryotes.

Each year you will take modules worth a total of 120 credits, with most individual modules worth 15 credits. You are required to take and pass this module in order to progress into the second year of study. Fees are set by the UK Government annually, and subsequent years’ fees may be … Read More

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Bsc Hons Biology Course

We invite employers and volunteering organisations to come and meet our students at our career evenings and there are opportunities for students to work with our partner institutions within and outside of Aberdeen. Ecological Genomics is a young and dynamic field where ecology intersects with high-throughput sequencing technologies. This technological revolution has opened exciting potential to address long-standing problems in ecology and evolution from a genome-wide perspective. This course will showcase the applications of different sequencing approaches and outlining how experimental work in this discipline is designed, executed and analysed.

In this module, you will be taken on a 4.5 billion year journey from the formation of Earth to the biologically responsive planet you see today. You will explore the effects of both biotic and abiotic processes on the evolution of living and fossil organisms. In this module, you will gain detailed knowledge of the influence of micro- and macro-evolutionary … Read More

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Biology, Bsc Hons

Students will gain a direct appreciation of the issues, problems and solutions surrounding wildlife and human conflicts at a variety of scales. Coursework is an extended essay of 2000 words based on the lectures and field trip. Students will be able to understand and integrate information from a variety of sources, whilst utilising skills of written critique of primary and secondary literature. They will also be developed in the ability to interrogate bibliographic databases and summarise pertinent information.

Of Biological Sciences research rated world leading or internationally excellent. You will therefore need to have good enough written and spoken English to cope with your studies right from the start. Develop an understanding of how to design and analyse ecological experiments. Learn on a biodiverse campus in reach of sites of special scientific interest. On our campus, in our city and in our community, you’ll find your place – whoever you … Read More

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Bsc Hons Biology

This might include relevant reading, voluntary or work experience, areas of interest from your current studies or other relevant extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Compulsory units cover core concepts that you’ll need to understand as part of your degree programme. Some of our courses also offer the opportunity for you to study optional units.

Examine current threats to biodiversity and the characteristics that make some species more vulnerable than others. Learn to use scientific evidence to support biological conservation strategies. Explore the fascinating inner workings of cells, giving you a foundation in areas such as cell, molecular biology and biochemistry.

Students can choose to leave after three years and graduate with a BA, or they can continue to a fourth year and graduate with an MBiol. Any mandatory field trips are paid for by the University but optional residential trips such as the International Biology field trip incur additional … Read More

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Learn Biology Online

You will examine the major theories that seek to explain animal behaviour, such as kin selection, optimal foraging and game theory. You will look at the main methods used to study behaviour, including observation, experiment and the comparative approach, and consider how they can be applied to the study of different types of behavioural questions. In this module you will develop an understanding of how to design and analyse ecological experiments.

Stage 1 assessments do not contribute to the final degree classification, but all stage 2 and 3 assessments do, meaning that your final degree award is an average of many different components. On average, 29% of your time is spent in an activity lead by an academic; the rest of your time is for independent study. It reviews the organisms and experimental methods used to study ageing, and discusses the findings of this work to provide both … Read More

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Bsc Hons Biology Course

This information is integrated in the context of a number of inflammatory diseases affecting a range of dif… A 5 day field course held in Bolonia on the Andalucian coast of Southern Spain, within the Estrecho natural park. The field course will take place during the Easter holidays, when there is a large diversity of flora and fauna to survey. You’ll also have the chance to take atropical ecology field coursein Belize.

Mike joined the University of Worcester in 2010 after researching in the area of plant molecular genetics. Mike developed a strong background in the biology of cell signalling in plants, with specific research into the mechanisms of self-incompatibility in poppy and the control of polarity in pollen tubes of tobacco. He is currently investigating the function of a large family of secreted proteins likely to be involved in cell-cell communication in the model plants, Arabidopsis thaliana and … Read More

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Royal Society Of Biology

In this module you will develop an understanding of the life cycle of flowering plants, considering their evolution, developmental and functional You will examine the role and biology of meristems in the structure and building of a plant muticellular body, and the role and mode of action of plant hormones in coordinating development. You will also consider a range of environmental and biotic factors affecting plants, including light, time of day, temperature, drought, and other organisms, and how plants respond to the challenges they pose.

You can view how each module is assessed within our ‘What you will study’ section. Students are assessed through a combination of assessment methods depending on the modules chosen. You can view more information about how each module is taught within our ‘What you will study’ section.

You will examine structure / function relationships in myoglobin, hemoglobin and the serine proteases, and learn … Read More

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Bsc Biology

It explores the whole-organism responses of animals and plants to light, to pollution and to disease-causing micro-organisms. It goes on to consider how such responses are controlled and co-ordinated, and how information is communicated between individuals in both animals and plants. In this module, students will explore the chemistry of some of the most important molecules to life, including water, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. The module begins with an overview of basic chemistry for example atomic structure, bonding, pH and molecular shape. It looks at the properties of water and how these enable water to support life. The structure and bonding within nucleic acids, proteins and carbohydrates are explored with emphasis upon how this is related to function within a cell.

Feedback is intended to help you learn and progress, and you are encouraged to review and discuss your feedback with your module or personal tutor. You could … Read More

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Biology Laboratory

science lab

Most importantly, know where the phone is and whom to contact in case of emergency. Support our award-profitable protection of advances in science & expertise. Scientific American is a part of Springer Nature, which owns or has business relations with thousands of scientific publications (lots of them can be found at /us).

Lab Manager Safety Summit

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Though that is alarming and concerning, it highlights a much larger drawback, as many medical errors aren’t lethal. One proposal defines a medical error as “an act of omission or commission in planning or execution that contributes or might contribute to an unintended end result.” Per CLSI tips, the process consists of running of blanks 20 occasions; if the outcomes … Read More

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Biology Jobs

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Environmental scientists and specialists may do analysis and supply advice on manufacturing practices, such as advising towards the usage of chemical compounds which are identified to hurt the setting. Heightened public curiosity in the hazards facing the environment, in addition to increasing calls for positioned on the surroundings by population development, are anticipated to spur demand for environmental scientists and specialists.

Medical Assisting

The Pay tab describes typical earnings and how employees in the occupation are compensated—annual salaries, hourly wages, commissions, ideas, or bonuses. Within each occupation, earnings range by expertise, responsibility, efficiency, tenure, and geographic space. For most profiles, this tab has a table with wages within the main industries using the occupation.

There can be a wage data software to search for wages by zip code. Chemists with superior levels will continue to fill most senior research and higher-administration positions.

The How to Become One tab describes tips … Read More

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