Is Astrology Geocentric?


Nonetheless, the geocentric principle endured as a result of it worked. These modifications might be defined by the various rates at which the celestial our bodies revolved across the Earth.

While this would later come to be defined as the results of Venus’ phases compensating for its increase in apparent dimension, historic astronomers lacked the means to see this happening (i.e. telescopes). Earth was the heaviest element, hence why it moved in the direction of the center; whereas water, fire and air fashioned layers round it. Beyond these layers, the strong spheres of aether by which the celestial our bodies were embedded lay.

The astronomical predictions of Ptolemy’s geocentric model, developed in the 2nd century CE, served as the idea for getting ready astrological and astronomical charts for over 1500 years. Some felt that a new, unknown concept could not subvert an accepted consensus for geocentrism. Cellarius’s 1661 chart illustrating … Read More

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