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The rock, dubbed a ‘Potentially Hazardous Asteroid’ by NASA, is whizzing by the planet on Sunday. Materials Today is a community dedicated to the creation and sharing of materials science knowledge and experience. Supported by Elsevier, we publish high impact peer-reviewed journals, organize academic conferences, broadcast educational webinars and so much more. Using X-rays, researchers have tracked lithium metal deposition and removal from battery anodes during charging and discharging.

New research has revealed that babies who have a wide variety of bacteria in their nose at birth are more likely… Scientists in Cambridge have developed a new 3D virtual reality model of cancer, opening the door to new ways of screening,… Breast cancer is a major health concern, with approximately 55,000 women being diagnosed with the condition in the UK alone… As tumours grow, new cancer cells replace old ones, which die off and release their DNA into the bloodstream. … Read More

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A research of patients who got here to UCLA clinics and hospitals to be treated for coughs suggests the coronavirus may have been in Los Angeles by Christmas. Every effort to elucidate the extraordinarily diversified course of the novel coronavirus, to deal with it with drugs and stop it with vaccines, depends on understanding how the virus outwits the human immune system — or vice versa. Health news, science articles, advice and up to date articles and commentary.

Is Earth-moon Space The Us Military’s New High Ground?

Public health methods should adapt to keep away from a public health disaster. Computer scientists and clinicians are trying to scale back fatal medical errors by building “ambient intelligence” into the areas the place sufferers reside. A new model presents a method to predict the situation of a battery’s internal methods in real-time with way more accuracy than current instruments.

Astronomers detected a … Read More

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