Polycentric, Ethnocentric, And Geocentric Approach To International Management Essay


Ancient astronomers believed that if the Earth really moved, then you must be able to see the sky from different areas as time passes by and that parallax would distort the shapes of the constellations. The problem is that the precise parallax of the celebs is means too small for individuals to see with the unaided eye and this led ancient astronomers away from the true nature of the universe. Johannes Kepler used Brahe’s measurements to enhance the heliocentric system Copernicus had proposed, exhibiting that planets had elliptical orbits around the sun. When Isaac Newton utilized the newly found common principle of gravitation to the data, he used a heliocentric model. By the 1800s, the spectacular successes of Newtonian theory and Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism had convinced practically everybody that the Sun is a most popular frame of reference, and that the legal guidelines of physics should be applied in … Read More

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