Infrasound Recorder For Android


Infrasounds related to the Aurora Borealis are too quite a few to say, a nicely chronicled prevalence. Such speeding, thrumming sounds appear to return from “all over the place” above the affected locale. Typical of infrasound, the sources can’t be precisely situated.

After less than a 5 minute exposure to low depth infrasound of 10 cycles per second, dizziness will final for hours. Infrasound of 12 cycles per second produces severe and long lasting nausea after a quick low depth exposure. The sound of Krakatoa exploding up into house, a vertical extra of 100 miles, succeeded in blasting out home windows at a thousand mile radius from the epicenter. Certain earthquake actions produce massive and virtually insensate vertical displacements of the bottom floor, in excessive situations amounting to some ft per pulse. In this case, the bottom turns into the surface of a drum, ringing out its lethal cadence at … Read More

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