Alegus Powered Anode Rod


These electrodes are sometimes made of an inert materials corresponding to chrome steel, platinum, or graphite. The liquid to be electrolyzed must be able to conduct electricity, and so it’s normally an aqueous answer of an electrolyte or a molten ionic compound. The electrodes are connected by wires to a battery or other source of direct present.

Electrodes are conductors by which electrons flow by way of to generate a present. A typical electrolytic cell could be made as proven in Figure \(\PageIndex1\). Two electrical conductors (electrodes) are immersed within the liquid to be electrolyzed.

Another cathodic safety is used on the impressed current anode. It is produced from titanium and covered with combined metallic oxide. Unlike the sacrificial anode rod, the impressed current anode doesn’t sacrifice its structure.


This expertise uses an exterior present offered by a DC source to create the cathodic protection. Impressed current anodes are … Read More

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