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Chepstow House School is looking for a subject specialist Science teacher to join in September 2022. We now have an exciting opportunity for a part time Chemistry Technician at The Sixth Form College Farnborough. Many employers ask for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree accredited by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals . However, some employers require a relevant subject such as information science or information and library studies. Information scientists are responsible for managing the acquisition, supply and distribution of information within an organisation or section of an organisation and for making that information accessible to users.

Production Operator – Primary The Production Operators works in the factory, operating and controlling the equipment that manufactures the active pharmaceutical ingredients. Product Manager The Pharmaceutical Product Manager is involved all activities which lead to successful launch and commercialization of a pharmaceutical product. Process / Machine Tool Setter Responsible for ensuring that the controls on a particular machine or process line are set up correctly.

Clinical Pharmacologist The clinical pharmacologist uses the science of pharmacology to determine how best to safely but efficaciously dose experimental medicines for human patients. Bulk Storage Operator The Bulk Storage Operator is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of bulk liquid storage equipment within scope of authority. Area Superintendent The Area Superintendent is responsible for the safe, efficient and effective operation of a group of process pants or a specified area of the refinery. Archivist The Archivists manages the scientific collection, storage and retrieval of all materials of long term value to the company.

Employers require not only good subject knowledge and technical skills but also a wide range of other ‘soft’ skills, which are essential in today’s workplace, for a scientist to function effectively. These skills include interpersonal and negotiating skills, team working, presentation skills and project management. All scientists need to be resilient, resourceful, determined, and accurate, have a high-level of attention to detail, and a willingness to take responsibility and direct the work of others. Whatever specific scientific skills are in demand it will always be important that scientists can express themselves effectively in a rapidly changing team environment. There are increasing needs and opportunities for graduates with commercial skills and flair, especially in the biotechnology sector. In both research and development and scientific analysis, scientists use complex computer-based equipment.

You’ll also have access to our generous pension scheme and health service discounts, as well as 27 days of annual leave plus bank holidays. You can watch a great series of videos of young people who are working in jobs that use science on theBBC Bitesize website. T-Level in Healthcare Science – This course is suitable for anyone interested in a career in health or science. Through studying science you will receive a broad knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics topics. With a network of specialist scientific talent, we’ve helped Birmingham’s technical organisations rapidly grow their teams with exemplary candidates. The flexible working scheme allows staff to arrange their working day to suit their lifestyle and circumstances.

They are qualified scientists or engineers who work on complex problems for their company or customers. Pharmacist The Pharmacist is a healthcare professionals responsible for supplying medicines to patients and ensuring their quality and suitability, advising patients about their medicines, and answering patients’ questions. Nuclear Maintenance Fitter The Nuclear Maintenance Fitter is a member of a team preparing work areas of nuclear plants and sites for maintenance and reinstating the areas on completion.

An exciting opportunity for a top class teacher to join our successful Science Faculty. We are looking for a qualified, experienced teacher to join us as Lead Practitioner of Science. We are looking to appoint an innovative, passionate and well qualified teachers to join one of outstanding international schools in Hong Kong. We are looking for a Science Technician to provide technical support to the Science Department at Harris Academy Chobham. Instead we have developed an online application form with the ability for applicants to provide a supporting statement where they can demonstrate how they meet the requisite criteria for the role. A rewarding role that requires an understanding nature and the desire to help students regain their confidence and love of education.

Junior Research & Development Chemist 25,000 Merseyside Simpson Judge are pleased to be working in partnership with an expanding speciality chemicals distributor. Over the past couple of years, this business has expanded their offering and now supply… About the facility HCA Healthcare UK – The World’s largest private healthcare group; providing award winning primary, acute and complex care.

The Director is responsible for leading and maintaining development of the plant performance in output, safety, environmental impact and use of material and fuel. Biochemical Engineer/Bioprocess Engineer The Bio-process Engineer applies chemical engineering theory and practice to design, implement and control the manufacture of biological drug products. Area Manager Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of all chemical plant and equipment under his/her span of control and maximises productivity within a cost-effective environment. Area Maintenance Manager The Area Maintenance Manager is responsible for the all maintenance activities, including routine and turnaround maintenance, of a group of process plants or a specified area of the chemical plant. Area Maintenance Manager The Area Maintenance Manager is responsible for all maintenance activities, including routine and turnaround maintenance, of a group of process plants or a specified area of the chemical plant. Apprentice Maintenance Engineer Undertakes the duties of the skilled Maintenance Engineer, whilst learning the required practical skills and underpinning knowledge as an apprentice.

Analytical chemist The analytical chemist in the pharmaceutical industry is an expert in the analysis of complex molecules. Their work is needed during all stages of drug discovery, clinical trials in human patients and as part of QA in the manufacturing process. In today’s ever-changing world, have never been more vital to our collective health and wealth. I was there for a year, it took me 7 months to be fully trained and independent.