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The honours price has been rising; it was 78 per cent in 2010 and rose to eighty four per cent last yr. It’s nonetheless a reasonably difficult topic by which to get an A, with just under 10 per cent of students managing at least an A2 last year.

A extremely popular alternative (more than 20,000 students took the higher-stage paper final year); seventy six per cent of scholars obtained an honour over the past three years. Eight per cent of upper-stage students have been awarded an A final yr.

Often seen as a great prospect for these wishing to do a subject in a single yr. Students have to work onerous, nonetheless, as one- third of upper-degree college students haven’t managed an honour over the past three years. A respectable 10 per cent of scholars achieved an A2 or higher last 12 months.

Accounting has the very best honours fee of the three enterprise topics with seventy eight per cent of students managing a C3 or greater in the subject over the past three years. Last year, 21 per cent of higher-degree college students achieved an A2 or higher. History is often regarded as one of the tougher topics by which to do nicely at higher degree. In truth, seventy eight per cent of students have been awarded an A, B or C prior to now three years and 12 per cent of students managed to attain an A2 or higher in 2012.

The failure fee for chemistry was 9 per cent final yr, whereas 19 per cent of scholars got a D. While the honours rate in larger-stage physics is comparatively low, at 74 per cent, the A rate is gigantic.

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  • Also, paper-primarily based take a look at requests, as are generally made at current, pose threat because they could be completed solely partially, may be positioned in the wrong inbox, or may get lost.
  • Although the inappropriate take a look at ordering does not instantly affect the affected person’s care, it leads to patient inconveniences and an unjustifiable increase in cost.
  • The broken glassware symbol may be placed on a container designated for the disposal of damaged glass in the lab.
  • Wherever possible, laboratories should use plasticware as an alternative of glassware to keep away from hazards.

Almost 20 per cent of upper-stage college students achieved an A2 or higher within the subject last yr. Seven per cent of students failed last 12 months, whereas 18 per cent handed the subject however didnt handle to get an honour. With almost four,000 students sitting the subject at higher level final 12 months, economics is simply behind accounting within the reputation stakes. Since 2010, seventy three per cent of higher degree students have managed to get an A, B or C within the topic.

New feedback are only accepted for three days from the date of publication. The account particulars entered usually are not currently related to an Irish Times subscription. Another topic usually dogged by a perception that it is one way or the other a straightforward choice. Statistics say in any other case, with less than 8 per cent of scholars getting an A within the subject at greater stage.

Of the almost 4,000 larger-stage college students in this topic, eighty four per cent got an honour last 12 months. The three-12 months common A, B, C rate is 81 per cent and 14 per cent of students have been awarded an A last year. Four out of five higher-degree maths college students achieved an honour over the past three years.

Spanish is rising in recognition and both the A and honours rates have remained consistent over the previous three years. Just over 2,500 students studied Spanish at greater degree final yr – French and German are much more well-liked – but it paid off; eighty three per cent of those managed an honour, while the three-yr honours rate is eighty two per cent. It’s not a very properly-recognized topic – fewer than 800 students sat the higher-stage paper last yr – however know-how can be a wise selection if the outcomes are to be believed.

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The failure rate in economics was six per cent, whereas 22 per cent of students have been awarded a D. By far the most well-liked of the sciences, biology is usually seen as a simple possibility. While the A price – 17 per cent final year – is relatively excessive, the subject has a low honours fee of seventy one per cent over three years and 22 per cent have been awarded a D at greater degree final 12 months, whereas 9 per cent failed. Another minority topic with 628 higher level sits last yr when the honours fee was a really respectable 76 per cent, but this is quite a bit higher than in earlier years.