Science Lesson

Working scientifically, investigations and meaningful outcomes are incorporated into each block. The problem is that fast vs slow muscle fibre classification has caused a lot of confusion over the years. Many people in the gym would probably tell you that slow muscle fibres take longer to contract while quicker and bigger muscle fibres are the only ones used for rapid-fire muscle activity. Please help us spread the news about our awesome products. We brought The Virtuali-Tee into St Bartholomew’s Primary Academy in the UK to see how the teachers and kids would react. We also have a Stemettes group and are interested in exploring the wide range of Expeditions that celebrate women in science.

I created a game to help students revise in an engaging way. Majority of columns are designed to have a different topics, so it will become clear to students and teachers where strengths and weaknesses lie. This board game is based on the hit title “articulate”, with a similar playing style to Taboo! This game was adapted with a focus on Year 11 GCSE Science, with topics from all 3 science disciplines and is applicable to most exam boards. Resources are organised into topic area and year group and include many opportunities for working scientifically. They provide tips for teachers, highlight common misconceptions and offer further suggestions for use in class.

Space Math @ [email protected] introduces students to the use of mathematics in today’s scientific discoveries. Through press releases and other articles, it explores how many kinds of mathematics skills come together in exploring the universe. Protecting Communities in Africa from PneumococcusIn this activity students consider the design of clinical trials to test the effectiveness of pneumococcal vaccines for community protection in The Gambia, and interpret results from the original research trials. Contaminated CropsNuclear disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima have resulted in land being contaminated by radioactive isotopes. In this activity students consider how research into variations in the uptake of radioactive isotopes by crop plants could be used to reduce human intake.

Collins has the resources available to manage the changes and make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your students. Classroom-based and interactive demonstration resources to help you to bring… A selection of Science Christmas activities on a A3 worksheet that are designed for a class competition. A good enough book on pedagogy, but this is simply the same book as his other ones, with a slight science twist. This book breaks down useful strategies to take into any science class and presents them in ways which are easy to understand and implement. Each block contains six sessions and can be completed within a half-term.

Assessment grids enable teachers to monitor progress towards science curriculum objectives, including scientific working, as described in the National Curriculum for England as they teach each block. Specially commissioned ‘Background Science’ summaries are provided to enhance key stage 2 teachers’ depth of knowledge. Download our lesson plan books below and share to your staff. Collins Key Stage 3 Science, Second Edition Fully matched to the 2014 curriculum and designed to help students secure the key skills, knowledge and interest in science needed to succeed at Key Stage 3 and beyond. A collection of primary and secondary single-use plastics lessons, activities…

And, like any healthy diet, variety is the key and so use a range of pedagogies to teach your intended outcomes, assess, reflect and then try again.