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The team at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus modelled the exhaust gases and developing plume at several altitudes along a typical trajectory of a standard present-day rocket. Experts at the University of Johannesburg analysed the Hypathia stone and found that its chemical makeup suggests it contains bits of the dust and gas cloud surrounding a type Ia supernova. Nando de Freitas, a scientist at London-based firm DeepMind, has said ‘the game is over’ in regards to solving the hardest challenges in the race to achieve artificial general intelligence . Researchers from the University of Oxford have studied almost 50 years of data on tree numbers in the moist tropical regions of North Queensland. Japanese knotweed is a devastatingly invasive plant that can leave homeowners and gardeners in a bind. Researchers from Environet have revealed the UK areas suffering the most from Japanese knotweed infestations.

The expanded video length will allow users of the Chinese social network more flexibility when filming clips such as beauty tutorials, cooking demos and comedic sketches. Kilonovas are immense explosions caused by neutron stars colliding into each other, sending an intense jet of of high-energy particles through space, experts in Evanston, Illinois explain. The smart bra features small ultrasound sensors in the lining, and was developed by Nextwear Technology, a wearables firm based in Abuja, Nigeria. There are now three leading theories about what causes ‘odd radio circles’ thanks to the new images captured by the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory’s MeerKat radio telescope. A team of students from the Royal Danish Academy has developed a pop-up igloo inspired by polar bears, with an origami ‘skin’ to trap snow and use it as a natural insulator. The study, by researchers at the Universities of York and Durham, looked at the collection of engraved stones, known as plaquettes, which are now held in the British Museum.

The volume of sand deposited by powerful waves can match that used by engineers trying to slow down coastal retreat, scientists from the University of New South Wales found. The genetic origins of the first farmers were more ‘nuanced’ than previously thought, report scientists at the University of Bern, Germany. The smartwatch was announced at Google’s I/O conference last night, and will be in direct competition with the Apple Watch. The Pixel Watch will be released alongside Google’s next flagship smartphone, the Pixel 7 – a direct rival for the iPhone – with both going on sale in the autumn. Also announced at the event were the Pixel 6a smartphone, and new Pixel Buds Pro wireless earphones. Sea ice, pushed against ice shelves by a change in regional wind patterns, may have helped to protect these ice shelves from losses, according to researchers led by Cambridge University.

Yawning in humans may have evolved as a social cue to warn others, reports a researcher at the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute. In experiments, people infected with Toxoplasma gondii were perceived as ‘healthier and more attractive’, report experts at the University of Turku, Finland. The report, by Deadline , claims that Netflix is exploring live streaming its unscripted shows and stand-up specials. The UK-built spacecraft’s closest approach to the Sun, known as perihelion, took place on March 26 , taking it inside the orbit of Mercury, at about one-third the distance from the Sun to the Earth.

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