Science Education: 3 Reasons to Study in this Course

Science Education: 3 Reasons to Study in this Course

Science Education- Maybe we often hear about biology education, chemistry education, and physics education study programs. However, have you ever heard of the science education study program?

Yes, indeed, of the 3 majors, we can say this study program is a relatively new study program. Science education is a study program in which the study of education and science itself.

The formation of this study program is the result of the mandate of the Minister of National Education Number 22 of 2006 which states that packaging science learning into a unified whole.

Then, why should you choose the science education study program over other study programs?

Here are 3 reasons why you should study in this study program.

1. Can Study Chemistry, Physics, and Biology at the same time

For those of you who like exact subjects (physics, chemistry, biology), you will not confuse again about choosing a major, because in this study program you will learn everything in an integrated manner.

So that graduates from this study can become educators who can teach scientific subjects in an integrated manner.

2. Many Practicum Activities

Practical activities in the scientific training study program are more varied and certainly not monotonous because this study program studies science in an integrated manner.

Practicum activities in this study program include practicum on the diversity of living things, practicum on animal anatomy and physiology, practicum for solutions, practicum for substances and energy, and others.

So, for those of you who aspire to become teachers and like practicum activities, this study program is the right major.

3. Wide Job Opportunity

This study program formed as a result of the Minister of National Education Regulation No. 22 of 2006, then of course this department is still rarely found in universities in Indonesia.

This is an opportunity for them to compete for jobs that they might not have previously been able to get.