Politics of Peace after Civil War POL00068H 2022

This new German navy was a threat to Britain’s naval dominance, the glue that held the empire together, and something for which Britain could not stand. That rivalry then turned into an arms race as each nation tried to outproduce the other with ever greater feats of technology. This culminated in the production of Dreadnought battleships which were seen as the nuclear weapons of their day. Britain really initially admired this new nation, Britain really actually thought as a friend but imperial Germany soon began to threaten Britain’s sense of supremacy.

I’m still digesting the content, but my big gripe so far is with the opaque and unnecessarily difficult writing style. Too many failures of reference compounded by a lack of punctuation mean that I have to read too many sentences more than once. Perhaps I’m getting old and grumpy, but I no longer enjoy fighting a book to get to the content.

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  • Italy however did not join the war, as its alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary was a defensive pact.
  • If political leaders really care about the future funding of our public television they would do better to heed Kosminsky, a revered industry figure with a track record of pointing out threats to the proper resourcing of high-quality programming.
  • The Balkans in Southeast Europe had been a hotbed of unrest for some time, with two wars in the preceding three years.

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The Undeclared War is a lesson to us all in handling social media and its blizzard of misinformation

After declaring war on France, Germany was now determined to execute its war plan to defeat France first and then concentrate its forces against Russia. This would be in direct violation of Belgium’s neutrality, which had been guaranteed in a treaty signed by major European powers, including Britain, in 1839. On the evening of 2 August 1914, Germany demanded that its troops be allowed to pass through Belgian territory.

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We have learned from decades of evidence that the outcomes for people’s lives are fundamentally different when gender sensitive analysis and decision-making is integrated into conflict response and resolution. Likewise, when women have an equal voice and status in negotiations. This International Women’s Day, we are thinking of all Ukrainian people, especially women who are exercising their leadership, in innumerable ways, every day.