Ahead of their UK launch through EE on May 20, MailOnline’s Shivali Best got hands-on with the £399.99 smart glasses. Astronomers have shared their photos of the Super Blood Moon – a rare combination of lunar events. Experts at the University of Johannesburg analysed the Hypathia stone and found that its chemical makeup suggests it contains bits of the dust and gas cloud surrounding a type Ia supernova. Researchers from the University of Oxford have studied almost 50 years of data on tree numbers in the moist tropical regions of North Queensland. From German Shepherds to Basset Hounds, many breeds have changed dramatically following years of selective breeding. The US food group said it hoped Britain and other European countries would soon grant regulatory approval for its burger, which is made with genetically engineered yeast.

Unicode, the group responsible for approving new emoji, has revealed the new emoji being considered for the next release. WhatsApp is testing a new feature that lets you quietly leave a group chat without sending a notification to other members, according to independent WhatsApp experts WABetaInfo. The researchers from the John Innes Centre in Norwich claim the vitamin D you can get from eating one of these genetically modified tomatoes is equivalent to two eggs or 28 grams of tuna.

Japanese knotweed is a devastatingly invasive plant that can leave homeowners and gardeners in a bind. Researchers from Environet have revealed the UK areas suffering the most from Japanese knotweed infestations. Their findings show that Bolton, Bristol, St Helens and Blackburn top the list as the UK hotspots for the weed. The report, by Deadline , claims that Netflix is exploring live streaming its unscripted shows and stand-up specials. Following even just one of 10 simple strategies can reduce smartphone use after two weeks, report experts at McGill University in Canada.

Switzerland ready to strike deal with ‘key partner’ UK after ‘world-leaders’ snubbed by EU SWITZERLAND has said it is ready to strike a partnership with the UK on research and innovation… EU crumbles to Putin’s energy threat as bloc gives sanctions loophole green light THE EU has bowed down to Vladimir Putin’s demands with a plan to allow payment for Russian… VDL’s ‘tone deaf’ plan to tackle Putin by ‘turning off lights’ threatens EU energy POVERTY URSULA von der Leyen’s strategy to scupper energy links with Vladimir Putin has been torn apart…

Cultivated oat is an allohexaploid crop thought to have been domesticated more than 3,000 years ago while growing as a weed in wheat, emmer and barley fields in Anatolia. Oat has a low carbon footprint, substantial health benefits and the potential to replace animal-based food products. However, the lack of a fully annotated reference genome has hampered efforts to deconvolute its… ViralPeople are being warned against the New Profile Pic app, which has been sweeping across social media in recent days. The image is the first direct visual evidence of the “giant lurking at the centre of our galaxy”. Tech whizz says that there’s a setting hidden in your phone’s control centre that makes your audio sound much better on calls and facetime.

By directly measuring force, stress and pressure, researchers have revealed why liquid droplets are able to erode hard surfaces. Researchers have developed long-lasting, gel-based coatings that can prevent adhesion of everything from ice to bacteria on functional surfaces. By growing polymer chains on membranes, researchers have greatly enhanced their efficiency at removing carbon dioxide from mixed gases.

The all electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft was launched in October last year and proved so popular it sold out almost immediately for delivery later this year. Researchers from the University of British Columbia found that people are more likely to stare at sexually provocative images when they think others can’t see their eyes. Satellite images show a plume of discoloured water being emitted from the Kavachi Volcano, which lies about 15 miles south of Vangunu Island, on May 14. Previous research has shown these plumes of superheated, acidic water usually contain particulate matter, volcanic rock fragments, and sulphur, according to NASA.

Researchers from the University of Arkansas claim that fat people are seen as more interested in long-term relationships, while slim people appear to prefer flings. The futuristic glasses look like a normal pair of sunglasses from the front, but have two OLED displays hidden behind the lenses. When connected to a smartphone, these can project an ‘Imax-sized’ 201-inch virtual screen 20ft in front of your eyes, allowing you to stream films and and play games over 5G on the go.