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You will examine the major theories that seek to explain animal behaviour, such as kin selection, optimal foraging and game theory. You will look at the main methods used to study behaviour, including observation, experiment and https://www.laalmeja.com/ the comparative approach, and consider how they can be applied to the study of different types of behavioural questions. In this module you will develop an understanding of how to design and analyse ecological experiments.

Stage 1 assessments do not contribute to the final degree classification, but all stage 2 and 3 assessments do, meaning that your final degree award is an average of many different components. On average, 29% of your time is spent in an activity https://www.wikipedia.org/ lead by an academic; the rest of your time is for independent study. It reviews the organisms and experimental methods used to study ageing, and discusses the findings of this work to provide both knowledge and context to the process of ageing.

The unique understanding gained by such practical experience will give students an important advantage when it comes to gaining employment in this field. Covering a wide range of infectious organisms from viruses to worms, this module provides a comprehensive introduction to infection and immune responses of the host. The biology of the infecting organisms and the host’s immune response will both be examined as these are vital components in understanding the nature of the different types of infection.

In 2020 the station celebrated 30 years of teaching and research on the ecology of seals, dolphins and seabirds. Our curriculum is informed by an employer advisory board which provides insight into changing employer requirements. A mentoring scheme run by the Careers and Employability Service linking current students with professional mentors. More information on our definition of Standard, Minimum and Adjusted entry qualifications.

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The experience provides opportunities for you to work in a relevant organisation and enhance your skills of self-expression, communication, co-operation and self-reliance. This module will develop your understanding in biodiversity through the Tree of Life paradigm. You will gain a functional understanding of phylogeny to successfully analyse biological interactions from microbial to biosphere levels. We consider applicants studying the IBCP on a case-by-case basis based on the individual components studied.