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Some characteristics of human body surface vibration induced by low frequency noise. The effects of slight pressure oscillations in the far frequency range on the pars flaccida in gerbil and rabbit ears. [Infrasound from wind turbines – an overlooked health hazard]. Where xBk is the sound wave signal after filtering out the high- and low-frequency signals. During the First World War, the allies have used infrasound to locate the artillery enemy . Today, fixed or mobile sensor networks allow the detection, measurement and tracking over thousands of kilometers of large waves of low-frequency acoustic waves , waves of waves propagating in the ground, the sea or the Earth’s atmosphere.

Department of Physiology of Human and Animals and Biophysics, Faculty of Biology, “Al-Faraby” Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan; Radiation Physics Department, National Center for Radiation Research and Technology, Cairo, Egypt. Infrasound exposure induces apoptosis of rat cardiac myocytes by regulating the expression of apoptosis-related proteins. Infrasound increases intracellular calcium concentration and induces apoptosis in hippocampi of adult rats. Effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic field on the health of workers in automotive industry.

Vestibular nerve response to pressure changes in the external auditory meatus of the guinea pig. Body sensations of low frequency noise of ordinary persons and profoundly deaf persons. Exposure to low frequency narrow band noise and reaction of the stria vascularis vessels. Study of the effect of infra- and low frequency sound on sleep by EEG recording. Effects on performance and work quality due to low frequency ventilation noise.

In humans, from a high level of decibels reactions of fatigue, depression, stress, irritation, asthenia, headache, disturbances of alertness or balance and nausea have been described by some residents of large wind turbines. The threshold of audibility is the minimum sound volume perceptible by the human ear. The lower the sound frequencies, the higher the sound level must be so that it is noticeable. These reactions could be due to the vibration of certain internal organs or eyeballs in the presence of certain, but such reactions appear only at thresholds much higher than the infrasound emitted wind turbines.

The two examples above are symptomatic of the way the alleged effects of wind turbine noise on ‘health’ have been cited, and the lack of reliable evidence as noted by the WHO and referred to in Paragraph 10 . The most important issue in any study of cause and effect is to evaluate both the possible cause, as well as the effects, in detail. In particular, no research alleging health effects from significantly sub-perception wind turbine infrasound appears to have investigated the reasons why infrasound exposure from other sources (see Paragraph 9 ) does not cause similar claims of ill-health. Effective filtering of the infrasound signal generated by coal samples is the basis for realizing the prediction of the infrasound of coal sample damage.