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These gigantic shock waves are larger than our entire galaxy, and form when clusters of galaxies collide, according to the researchers led by the University of Hamburg in Germany. Half of respondents said that increased online activity during the pandemic had made their condition more severe but an expert said more research is still needed. The US space agency will send the Orion capsule atop a Space Launch System mega rocket at some point this summer, possibly as early as late May.

The team at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus modelled the exhaust gases and developing plume at several altitudes along a typical trajectory of a standard present-day rocket. Experts at the University of Johannesburg analysed the Hypathia stone and found that its chemical makeup suggests it contains bits of the dust and gas cloud surrounding a type Ia supernova. Nando de Freitas, a scientist at London-based firm DeepMind, has said ‘the game is over’ in regards to solving the hardest challenges in the race to achieve artificial general intelligence . Researchers from the University of Oxford have studied almost 50 years of data on tree numbers in the moist tropical regions of North Queensland. Japanese knotweed is a devastatingly invasive plant that can leave homeowners and gardeners in a bind. Researchers from Environet have revealed the UK areas suffering the most from Japanese knotweed infestations.

The Desert’s Fragile Skin Can’t Take Much More HeatClimate change and human activity are destroying the layers of fungi, lichen, and bacteria that protect deserts from erosion. Explore the past, present and future of the everyday things https://www.laalmeja.com/ in your home with host Nihal Arthanayake. A long-term, multi-million-pound restoration programme is underway to carry out crucial restoration work and reveal new spaces and perspectives for all visitors to enjoy, play and learn in.

The average temperature in which dogs become ill from heatstroke is 62.4°F (16.9°C), according to researchers from Nottingham Trent University and the Royal Veterinary College. Researchers from the University of Utah have found the elusive chemical in common soft corals living off the coast of Florida. The researchers from the John Innes Centre in Norwich claim the vitamin D you can get from eating one of these genetically modified tomatoes is equivalent to two eggs or 28 grams of tuna.

In this immersive genre-defying exhibition you will embark on a once in a lifetime adventure through the cosmos to explore visions of the future through the science of today. Apply for funding to support low technology readiness levels with a focus on development in the particle physics, astronomy and nuclear physics community. Researchers from Macquarie University in Australia found that daytime naps can benefit children’s ability to map letters to sounds – an important indicator of early reading skills. People who work from home at least once or twice a week live further away than those who work in the office full-time, report researchers at the University of Sussex in Brighton. The premise is simple – everyday at a different time, users are notified to capture and share a photo in two minutes. The Cupertino tech giant has announced it’s discontinued the iPod, more than 20 years after the very first one was released, back in October 2001.

For runners in a race, speeding up might require defying our natural biology that’s been learnt through millions of years of evolution, scientists at Stanford University in California report. Cerebrospinal fluid from old mice improved the memory recall of old mice in a fear-conditioning task, report scientists at Stanford University in California. The bizarre device, called AirRes, features a snorkel-like attachment, which can control how much air you can breathe, and was developed by researchers from Salzburg University.

The underwater temperature increase could cause sea levels to rise and have devastating consequences for ecosystems, researchers from the Universities of Exeter and of Brest warn. Eight wildcat kitten have been born at Highland Wildife Park – and could be the first of the species released into the wild in Britain in 200 years. The adorable kittens were born in three litters, after 16 wildcats were paired up earlier this year.

To settle the debate, researchers from the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, the University of Bamberg and The Ohio State University evaluated data from 130 experiments with a total of 10,000 participants. The analysis revealed a link between power posing and a more positive self-perception, as well as behaviour. The https://www.wikipedia.org/ Council provides a voice on policy and ethical issues affecting the science community, fostering debate and the exchange of ideas across the network. And supporting member organisations to be more effective in meeting the needs of the science community and attracting the next generation into fulfilling science careers.