Graduate Jobs In Science And Pharmaceuticals

You could also teach or train current staff or the next generation of biomedical scientists, manage a biomedical science service or undertake clinical academic research. The biotechnology sector employs research scientists to exploit, manipulate and develop living systems to solve a wide range of medical, industrial and environmental problems. The biotechnology industry, made up largely of small to medium sized enterprises , has become huge in recent years, and is still expanding rapidly.

There is a high demand for graduates who can blend computing, maths or statistics with biological analysis especially but not only in bioinformatics. Scientists increasingly need to be able to work in multidisciplinary teams, working with a range of other scientists and also those from commercial functions like marketing and sales. Those working in industry need to understand the focus on commercial pressures and profitability of products. In the public sector there may be emphasis on providing a service or in academia, publishing scientific papers and applying for funding. Graduate life scientists can pursue a career in a laboratory where analysis, testing and investigation are all key activities.

Clinical Research Assistant The Clinical Research Assistant bring hands-on administration and clinical skills to the safe and legally compliant execution of clinical trials in accordance with the approved protocol. Brand Manager The Brand Manager is responsible for the development and management of an overall brand plan for new pharmaceutical products or product re-launches. Brand Director The Brand Director is responsible for the management of a single large pharmaceutical brand or a portfolio of smaller ones, including the management of brand managers and other staff.

You’ll work in multi-disciplinary teams to come up with technical solutions. Jobs in this field are incredibly competitive but you could use the knowledge gained from a scientific degree to work for a specialist publisher. You could find work with a general consultancy, which houses a science department such as PA Consulting, or for a specialist scientific consultancy such as BMT. Museum education officer- Working in museums and science centres, you’ll explain scientific concepts to visitors.

Forensic scientists prepare traces of physical evidence for use in courts of law. Environmental consultants advise on sustainability, including waste management, recycling, flood risk and the effects of climate change. Clinical psychologists help people to deal with mental health issues, phobias and addiction. Astronomers study the origin and structure of the universe, including its planets, stars, galaxies and black holes.

Responsible for planning and delivering the curriculum, and shared responsibility for overall effectiveness in high quality science provision. Veterinary Surgeon The Veterinary Surgeon supports the research of the company and carrying out the duties of the Named Veterinary Surgeon as defined by law. Trainee Animal Technologist The Trainee Animal Technologist learns, under supervision, all the basic tasks of animal care in the scientific research environment. Technology Director The Technology Director is responsible for all aspects of the technology at the heart of the pharmaceuticals manufacturing operation. Statistician The Statistician provides mathematical expertise in the interpretation and management of all experimental data concerning drug efficacy and safety.

Toolmaker Responsible for manufacturing mould tools and dies used in processing equipment to shape product or component part.They use tools and microprocessor controlled machines to construct mould tool or die. Senior Principal Scientist / Research Fellow The Senior Principal Scientist/Research Fellow is both a creative scientist and a scientific leader. Senior Engineer A qualified, experienced engineer who acts as a specialist adviser on a particular field of expertise or manages overall engineering function of the refinery and supervises others. Sales Trainer The Sales Trainer designs and implements training and development of the pharmaceutical sales force. Sales Representative – Specialist The Sales Representative is responsible for promoting a portfolio of products to the secondary care sector across a geographic territory. Sales Representative – Primary Care The Sales Representative is responsible for promoting a portfolio of products in the primary care sector across a geographic territory.

HCA at UCH is a joint venture between HCA Healthcare UK and University College Hospital NHS Trust. Jobs are subject to the successful completion of a training course and interview. Who has experience in using specification systems to produce accurate product, process & ingredient specifications.